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Sofia Coppola behind the scenes of Lost in Translation (2003)


When you just wanna beat the boss and you start mashing buttons.

When you’re trying to avoid the bitches that dare try to form a school idol group. That is actually what is happening in this animated gif of Episode Five of the First Season of Love Live! School Idol Project (School Idol Project Rabu Raibu! School Idol Project) that aired on Feburary 3, 2013. 
This animated gif stars Nico Yazawa trying to shoo away main character and µ’s founder Honoka Kousaka. As you all know, Nico successfully got into the Idol Research Room (Which she is the class president of.) only to break out of the window and get caught by fellow µ’s member Rin Hoshizora. The girls try to get Nico to join them, but Nico rejects their offer of merging the groups, presumably based on their lack of personas, student vice-president Nozomi explains how Nico had previously attempted to become a school idol but set the bar too high for the group, leading it to fall apart. After some thinking, Honoka comes up with the idea that they should all join the Idol Research Club to learn how to improve μ’s, and invite Nico to join the group as their coach. Happily, Nico accepts the offer.
Love Live! School Idol Project (ラブライブ! School Idol Project Rabu Raibu! School Idol Project) is an anime television series, produced by anime company Sunrise in association with the music label company Lantis, and is directed by Takahiko Kyougoku. It began airing in Japan on January 6, 2013 on Tokyo MX and is being simulcast by Crunchyroll. The anime is licensed by NIS America for release in North America. The second season started airing on April 6, 2014 and ended on June 29, 2014. A movie was announced during the last episode of Season 2, and is presumed to come out in theaters across Japan in 2015.
Title: sleep song
Artist: frankie cosmos
Album: quick songs


now that i know that every time i get sad you just hate me

you can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully

ill be here all night feeling totally fucked

wondering what tomorrow will be like and staying up

i guess i just make myself the victim like you said

thats why when you treat me shitty you get mad

it all makes sense now thanks so much

goodbye forever what the fuck

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Title: Less Than Nothing
Artist: I Hate Myself
Album: 4 Songs

I’m piss, I’m shit
I’m less than nothing

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Thomas Prior - New York and Paris Fashion Week (Vogue)

Heinrich-Siegfried Bormann - Visual Analysis of a Piece of Music from a Color-theory Class with Wassily Kandinsky (1930)


Bill Viola - The Sleep of Reason (1988)

A silver layer “slowly oxidising under the influence of oxygen and water” by Lex Pott and David Derkson.